What’s up Kesato — The day we provided Soo Santai with the most complete solution for their online shop, and what you can learn from it.

What’s up Kesato — The day we provided Soo Santai with the most complete solution for their online shop, and what you can learn from it.

Soo Santaï is an Indonesian brand created by a French designer, based in Seminyak, Bali.

Since 2009, Soo Santaï produces indoor and outdoor furnitures that are sold through a worldwide distributor’s network, besides providing equipment for resorts in Bali.




We met Soo Santaï for the first time in 2013, when they came to us with a need to optimize their sales.

The first thing we did with them was to create the most efficient possible e-commerce website to allow them to reach their market, not only offline with their shop in Bali, but also online.

Since this moment, we kept working with them in order to build a global solution, leading them to grow worldwide step by step.

Today, Soo Santaï is worldwide distributed and #1 on most of the major Indonesian marketplaces.


A global solution
Our role with Soo Santaï wasn’t only the creation of a website. We truly worked side by side with them and built the great brand they are today, together.

Besides the e-commerce website, we also created their entire brand identity, from the logo to every single graphic design they use today on their website.

We played a key role in their today’s #1 rank on the major marketplaces in Indonesia. As an agency, we also covered all of their other needs: photo shoot, influencers, social medias, marketing, SEO, etc.

The global solution we provided to them uses an eCommerce framework named Magento. This complete tool is what allows them now to give an all-in-one solution to their distributors.

But today, there is something more we would like to share with you.
Something more than the solution we created for and with them.


What can you learn from it?

At Kesato, we usually provide to the businesses everything they need. Our list of services is wide and complete, and whatever you need as a brand, chances are that we do it.

But actually, we see way further than all of this.
Our true vision isn’t to provide services only. Our true vision is to build strong and long-lasting partnerships with the brands we work together with.

Any kind of agency can build a website or a logo today.

And even though we excel at all of the services we provide to our clients, our main goal goes far beyond those services.

The example of Soo Santaï shows how we can be a major partner, instead of just another digital agency.

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(OPTIONAL) What can you learn from it?

As a brand, whatever your stage, what you need is not limited to a website, graphic design or other kind of services.

You want to find a real partner who can support you and give you powerful advices regarding the decisions you have to make.

You need to have someone to ask all of your questions to, whether it concerns your identity, marketing or technical issues.

There are too many agencies who are offering the same services to anyone who is ready to pay for it today.

We took the decision not to be one of them. And we don’t work with anyone.

We only work with ambitious partners who are willing to build long term successful businesses.