What is AngularJs

What is AngularJs ?

AngularJs, you might have heard of it. AngularJS is a framework to create dynamic web. It allows you to make single-page web app, with less coding – something which other framework don’t have. This framework was developed by Google and its programmer community in order to create more simplified client side framework. Initially,  AngularJs was written with java script language, released in 2009 and last released (1.3.14) February 24th 2015, very small file size just 930Kb development and 123 Kb production. You can visit their official site.

Advantage of Angularjs

Typically, framework require programmer to separate file into separate MVC folder or component, then write some code to connect them again. This is a lot of work, hard and not very efficient. Angular splits app into MVC, but this framework will do the rest – manage and connect them. AngularJs use html5 to define user interface, less code and intuitive than old java script code. This allows programmer to bring more UI in written view. Determining execution of app also uses HTML which decide control each element. This framework do not require setter and getter like another framework, Angular use plain java script object POJO. Angular change HTML into rich element language, with custom HTML elements. More optimize HTML bring development into less code era.

How AngularJs Work

What is AngularJs

Angular makes you build structured web app very easy and execute formula directly inside HTML page – they are like normal web page with little markup. First they start application, process and parses new markup element with compiler, after loaded they will transform and render DOM, it can call view.

The most notable power of AngularJs is its two way data binding ability. That reduces data amount on web server and makes development faster. When input value is changed, expression value is also recalculated and DOM automatically updates their value.