The 4 simplest advices you should apply about your SEO

Your iPhone has become the #1 camera to use for your everyday’s photos. It’s small, powerful, and you always have it in your pocket. But since more and more people really try toimprove the picture they do with their iPhone, there are still a lot of basic mistakes most of them do frequently. The good news? It’s really easy to avoid them and improve your iPhone photography in minutes.

Search Engine Optimization is an over debated topic on internet, yet full of misinformations or outdated inputs.
Because Search Engines such as Google are changing their algorithm 500+ times a year, it became really hard to cheat it.
If you’re playing the long term game with your SEO, it’s a good news for you. Because the main rules has become more user oriented and simpler to apply for companies and internet marketers.
The next 4 tips are for you an easy way to get started if you’re having your own website set up.


#1 — Provide useful and fresh content

Google is crawling websites on internet to determine their importance and how often they are updates.
Writing blogposts and updating your main pages regularly is a great idea to get noticed by Google bots and rank higher in the result pages.
Search Engines also detect how users are interacting with your content, so be sure to provide useful content to them.


#2 — Focus on the user experience

If Google is changing his algorithm that often, it’s for a reason: providing to the users the greatest and most accurate results as possible.
It means that their main focus is to detect whether your content will be interesting enough to show in the first results so the users will find what they are looking for.
By focusing on the user experience, you will show to Google and the other Search Engines that you are providing a great value to whoever visits you website.
The longer they stay, and the more they interact with your content, the better it is for your ranking.


#3 — Optimize your titles, URL and descriptions

This has become way less accurate during the last years, but it’s still important to do.
Google detects different kind of informations on your website, and use some of them to display the results.
Optimizing your titles, URL and descriptions is still a necessary thing to do. Make them informative and accurate.


#4 — Improve your website’s loading time

It may not be obvious first thing that improving the loading time of the pages may impact the SEO of a website.
To understand it easily, put yourself in the shoes of your users.
The quicker they can access to the information, the more pages they are likely to visit, and the more products they are likely to buy.
If pages takes too long to load, users can easily be discouraged and go visit your competitors instead.

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