how to optimize your website design

How To Optimize Your Website Design

Often on web design, we need to optimize that interactivity, functionality and usability what’s increase our rank and visitor traffic. Many tools can use to increase website performance.
1. Crazy eggs
This app gives insight how customer interact with our website. Also when user interaction with each web element, everything they do in website. You will know where they like and dislike on their visit

Crazy eggs


2. Google Analytic
Google analytics provides analytic based on customer behaviour flow at specific product. See your web performance track many websites, keyword, traffic. Especially for managing multiple website in multiple nation.

Google Analytic


3. Optimizely
Quick testing web based tools by affordable price. Recommended for e-commerce website. Optimizely understand layout, button and many web elements which needed to optimize.



4. Openlinkprofiler
Checking your web backlink, Link influence and effectively score also can monitor your competitor backlink performance. Although backlink no more important factor for web rank, but it still affects significantly.



5. Google event tracking
Track your web performance by monitoring the action and interaction of every element of your website. Anything element such as slider, content, static element. Event tracking can provide customer behaviour information.

Google event tracking


6. Mouse Flow
With thermal display look like, Mouse flow detects user mouse interaction frequency and where are they often go. Also provide give more key feature such as Web Statistic, Recording Form interaction etc.

Mouse Flow