How to Improve your Customer Experience

How to Improve your Customer Experience ?

Let’s talk about your customer experience at your online service. For instance, if a woman wants to buy high heels but store employee offers sport shoes, she will be annoyed and certainly won’t go back to the shop again. Well, this is the same for customer response with irrelevant web content and advertisement.

1. Greetings to your customer
Every time you go to a store, it’s always more convenient when shopkeeper says hello to you. After a while employees might even know your name. Personalize your website with greetings banner in order to actively greet your customer

2. Smart guide and suggestion
Same as in store, when we shop, shopkeeper might offer another related product in which you probably have interest or product discount. Website have ability to do this with recommendation engine, many online store already use this and the result is around than 60% more traffic.

3. Awareness

Brand awereness How to Improve your Customer Experience
Personalize user content, not all time customers search the same product. Assuming the woman buys shoes this time, and another time she buys shirt, shopkeeper would not bring her to same selection. Personalize web content depend on customer needed. Ask the customer with simple form, what they need.

4. Location

Location How to Improve your Customer Experience
Geo-marketing tailoring data about your customer, this time every application possible to get geolocation data, also mobile application easily get data from gps. Analyzing customer is important to provide data about customer demand, weather, culture and time. Location based marketing will provide more precision relevant product based on customer relation, for example warm jacket for cold area.

5. Purchase sensitivity
Many customers often hesitant to purchase product, and then they leave their shopping cart. Shopkeeper capable of discussing and giving advice about product advantages. But Online shopping need different approach because cannot get customer interaction directly. Digital marketing can gather and analyze abandoned shopping carts data. From conclusion can make different customer persuasion and reduce abandoned carts amount