How to Choose The Right Colors for Your Website

How to Choose The Right Colors for Your Website ?

Colors are one of the first things visitors see and could be creating a good first impression. Visitors will stay longer on your website if it has a beautiful colors combination. That’s way choosing the right colors for your website is a must. You should consider some things to do it!

Have you had an identical color for your brand ?

Yes, it’s important to consider if you’ve already had colors which shows your brand identity. It’s like color of logo and colors of your branding material. Generally, we should take them to adept in our website design including colors. But, if you don’t have any identity and branding yet or you want to change its, build a website could be the right time to decide it all.

What kind of content will you display on your website ?

Website is a great media to provide who you are and what do you offers to your targetted visitors. You can put your branding strategies with dynamic display. So, it’s really important planning first kind of photos, graphics, texts and videos that you want to display. Then, select the colors that matches it all.

How many colors should you use ?

How to Choose The Right Colors for Your Website

This thing still become a big question by designers, but on pick the perfect website color combination there are three main colors with the 60–30–10 rule that is the most designer recommend. Which it has been used by interior and fashion designers for many years to create the perfect harmony. The primary color of your site should be cover 60% of the space. The 30% should contrast with the 60% to create a visually striking effect. And the last 10 % is an ‘accent color’, which should complement either your primary or secondary color.