Google Important Ranking Factor 2015

Google Important Ranking Factor 2015

Google for next era use a hundred of ranking factor. You should take care of it if you want to be number one in search engine result. Not all factor important to Google, so we write some important factor for SEO.

On Page Factors

Optimize your web page and structure before take step to off page campaign. On Page optimization affect directly into search engine position Keyword inside


Strongest factor in search engine is page title, give main targeting keyword inside page title Keyword in description tag still have relevancy in 2015 for gaining user, who see relevancy in their search H1 Tag Keyword Unique H1 Keyword make website Stand out in search result than other website Keyword in another page Keyword in relevant content at another page increase relevancy signal of the keyword Length of the content Google want to educate website owner, they want to look more informative and educate content


Similar content in your website can hurt website rank. Create unique content in every page.

Image Optimization

Don’t too lazy for put image attribute such as alt text, description, etc. spider bot also search relevancy signal from this.

Content Updates

New algorithm of Google engine, primary target is updated content. Make some change of your web page for several month interval to keep your web updated

Outbound and Internal Links

Link to authoritative page increase search engine trust, give user opportunity to search more related content, but don’t much to put outbound link Internal link make web structure more strength Keyword in URL Big relevance signal can come also from keyword inside URL or part of URL

Google Important Ranking Factor 2015


Off Page Factor

Search Engine also look outside factor determining your web rank position

Backlink domain and page

Amount of another web domain and page linking to your web, but not all have same effects. page rank determining quality of the backlink, high authority domain have more page rank because they trusted. Search engine algorithm can decide where they have relevancy. Google release statement they don’t count the no follow link. Link diversity is important matter, too much link in same domain can hurt web rank. Contextual link inside content have more effect than in sidebar link. Don’t too much link anchor, now this is will be indicated as spam indicator

Social Media

Even brand mentioning, now considering in search engine factor. Page and content share also affected search engine result. Many big company very active at social media


Site and Domain factor


Sitemap will help spider bot indexing your page, search engine work more quick if you submit sitemap. Server location The server location, have effect indirectly at rank, specific depend on location.

Mobile Optimized

For next era, Google beginning to start mobile optimized as important factor of rank, because mobile device growth rapidly. Your site should have good performance at many varieties of device

Domain Age

Google give high authority value to old domain, more old they more be trusted

TLD extension

Especially your company have specific market. At different location specific TLD have different result, for example in UK domain with.UK have better result.

Google Important Ranking Factor 2015