What’s up in Asia — Grab announces GrabHitch, punched Gojek in the face.

Most of you probably already know Grab, the ride-hailing app made in Southeast Asia. Until now, Grab was offering 4 services: taxi, car, bike and express (used for delivery) in Indonesia.

But for a few days, Grab pushed Innovation forward by introducing GrabHitch.

GrabHitch is a social motorcycle hitch service that enables regular drivers like you and me to give fellow commuters a lift, meet new people, and cover the costs of owning a car.

By doing so, they are taking over Gojek and their endless list of services, offering something really innovative no one was doing yet in SE Asia for motorbikes.
The concept of GrabHitch is to allow anyone to find a backseat passenger during a long distance commute.
According to their website, the announced goals are:

  • Getting the driving cost covers (financial)
  • Finding a new friend going the same way (social)
  • Reducing the pollution and traffic jams (environmental)

It’s well known that only in Jakarta, 70% of the daily commuters are using their own transportation. Yes, it’s a lot.

This new Grab’s feature could really have a huge impact there, but also in the other major cities of Indonesia.

Does that remind you UberPool? Well, this is actually the exact same feature, applied to motorbikes.

However, Grab pushed it once step further concerning the social impact of their new product. Besides the driver’s rating, you’ll be also able to choose the gender of your driver or to find someone you have mutual friends with on facebook.

GrabHitch is not a brand new idea though. If you go to Singapore, you can enjoy this feature since 2015. But only for cars.

That’s why, to adapt the concept in Indonesia, they made it available for motorbikes (only) this time.

We will see how this feature succeeds in penetrating the market during the next months.

It will probably be used a lot by long distance commuters who are looking for door-to-door ride, as taxi services and other kind of drivers are pretty hard to find when you’re far from the city center.

Are you interested in trying this new feature today? We got you a coupon code for new users, so you can download the app, give a try to Grab’s latest feature and let us know how it was!

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Have a great ride!