Touchscreen projector concept, great idea from apple

Touchscreen projector concept, great idea from Apple

Intending to turn into Apple’s next venture in versatile processing, modern fashioner Tomas Moyano has added to the Apple “Lightmac.” This idea configuration combines the force of a desktop PC with the compactness and utilization of tablets, incorporating anticipated touchscreen innovation.


The outline comes with a Core i9 processor and 16 GB of RAM, notwithstanding a 24-hour battery existence with live-matching up through Bluetooth 6.0. Fringe increments incorporate a remote console while the versatile screen projector that can be resized. This idea configuration offers a creative and sensible investigate the fate of registering, with energizing bits of knowledge into what may come next.


“LightMac” mixes the force and abilities of a desktop PC with the touchscreen components and experience of a tablet or cell phone. His framework takes the thought of touchscreen comfort to new statures and even ventures a touch screen onto any surface.


Whether using a work area or white divider as its scenery of decision, this anticipated touch screen idea envisions the fate of our tech gadgets and references gadgets that are usually seen in science fiction movies or network shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica.