project soli

Project Soli – Control without touching

Imagine how nice if you can control your speaker without touching it. Google started to research about a new sensor: project soli – allowing control from hand gesture movement only. Soli is more focused on wearable devices, but also makes it compatible with other devices.

soli control

Basically this sensor runs like a radar, detects micro finger motion. The size of Soli is smaller than a finger nail, allowing to be embed in any small devices – a radar with 10000 frames per second that display movement like natural. What if a cat or anything else make unexpected movement near our gadget, can Soli sensor handle that? How about that radiation effect?


Project Soli, also meets the challenge to control virtual reality seamlessly. Soli sensor will possibly be applied to the Internet of things integrated devices, such as to open a refrigerator , lamp or control home speakers.