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AMPL Smart Backpack

The backpack Ampl, currently being funded on Indiegogo platform, is a connected backpack that allows the wearer to recharge his/her device via an integrated intelligent battery in, featuring 6 USB ports. The light structure of the bag allows it to be ultra-convenient while traveling. It absorbs shock and has an external waterproof coating that protects mobile devices from rain.

The mobile application displays the charging levels for each mobile device and adjusts the charging priorities without having to open the bag. The backpack Ampl, awarded at CES 2015, has already reached its funding goal and is now 192% funded with $ 253,000!

ampl backpack


AMPL SmartBackBack named at CES 2015 in the category of “Best Innovative Product of the Year”, will accompany you wherever you go. AMPL labs has indeed developed a backpack connected to an application that can charge up to three smartphones, a tablet and two laptops. Add to this 6 USB ports easily accessible, for an innovative concept that will avoid embarrassing situations when your smartphone is out of battery in the middle of a phone call with your boss.

AMPL labs goes further! When the Bluetooth connection between the bag and your smartphone is lost (if you leave without your bag for example), you will be notified through the application. In addition, the bag contains lightweight shock absorbers and a water-resistant coating, giving it a good quality (necessary for backpackers).

smart backpack


The battery inside the bag (18,5Wh SmartBattery) is powerful enough to charge a smartphone three times. Nevertheless, it is possible to add additional batteries to the bag for more features and more power:

“Tabletboost SmartBattery” only supports smartphones and tablets (5000 mAh)

“LaptopBoost SmartBattery” capable of charging most PCs (14,900 mAh)

“LaptopBoost SmartInventer +” for MacBooks and more.

You can, depending on your choice, add the three additional batteries simultaneously. In addition, smart batteries are configured to work together: you do not have to worry about recharging remaining in each battery!

The application will give you useful information such as the total remaining battery recharging, the remaining charging each battery, and the temperature inside the bag.

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