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Action Camera Accesories

When you buy an action camera, whatever the brand like Gopro or Xiaomi Yi, it might not be enough. For special activities like going underwater, riding a bike or going surfing, you would probably need to install additional accessories. Although accessories don’t have the same brand, they are probaly all compatible. Here are some great accessories that you must have:

Dive Housing

cam housing

You really need this for going underwater, the dive housing usually comes with the camera, although it’s not included when you buy the Yi action camera. Underwater case seals your camera completely from water. Usually they have maximum depth specification, read that carefully.


Floating Strap

floating strap

When you are going underwater, sometimes you are in bad situations and your camera falls from your hand. Dont loose it, attach a floating strap which will make your action camera float!


Head Mount, Chest and Wrist Strap

head mount

These accesories allow you to record video with first person point of view. It is great if you are doing sport activity, such as surfing or skydiving.



remote cam

While you alone or you set up camera in difficult place or hard to reach by hand. You need a remote control for your camera!


Selfie stick

selfie stick

Selfie stick is popular right now, most people are already familiar with this stick. Simple, portable and of course cheap, pull it, set your action camera. Be careful for using Selfie stick, because in several place or event it is forbiden.


Handlebar mount and Suction Cup

handle bar mount

For any vehicle or even air plane, placing camera with strong handle is not easy. Use strong mointing accesories in order not to loose your camera.


Mini USB Composite Cable

composite cable

Connect your action camera with big screen in video out mode, typically with RCA cable with mini USB connector. You will be able to see in larger display and you can record this in analog format like NTSC or PAL.


Lens Filter

lens filter

Action camera isn’t DSLR camera, they have special filter lens to create effect like DSLR. Many Lens filter can be provided like UV filter, red filter, etc. However they can’t get result as best as big camera.


Animal Mounting

dog mounting

Interesting, if you have pet you will find out how interactive they are. May be you want to know where is your cat or dog during the night. Because the camera is on your animal, we can’t control what they will do, so set your camera mount tightly to make sure camera won’t fall.



drone cam

This is new trend for now, a few years ago drone usage was only for goverment use. Now, all sector will find usage of drone like commercial, even for personal usage. For example drone photography, make movie and selfie using drone. Instead of renting an airplane or an helicopter, mount your action camera to the drone and get awesome photo from air. Once again not all places are allowed to fly with a drone, such as airport or another restricted facility.


Automatic Tracking Tripod

camera tripod

Going to remote location alone or doing extreme action makes you hard to record video. To solve this issue, one of famous product soloshot created a robotic tripod, which will follow your movement 360 degree. Attach your action camera on it, and wear tracking tag band in your arm.


Portable Crane and Slider

camera crane

Wanna make movie like professional? You really need this to move your camera nicely. Same as hollywood movie portable crane for smooth moving camera vertical and horizontal direction. Slider is for moving your cam horizontal create zoom in and out view, or follow object from side.


Camera Case

camera case

After using your camera, it’s better to put it on safe camera case, pick waterproof and good protection material. So your camera will stay in good condition, although you didn’t use it for a long time or taken away while travelling.