The 5 basic mistakes 80% of the businesses keep doing with their social medias

The 5 basic mistakes 80% of the businesses keep doing with their social medias

There you go. You have your website, your brand identity, and it’s now time to take on social media to spread the word about your activity!

And even though you probably read a bunch of great articles on the topic, chances are that you are still not 100% prepared to what’s awaiting you once you will start posting your first statuses or your first pictures.
There are a few basic mistakes 80% of the businesses keep doing with their social medias, here’s how you can avoid them easily.

#1 Not having a specific target

Who are you talking to? Too often, you will try to reach as many people as possible, by posting a message to an unspecific target.

But you can’t talk in the same way to a millennial as you would do with a 30 years old worker.

You have to think about who you want to deliver your message to.

The more specific you will get, and the more engaged your audience will be.

#2 Posting too often

It’s one of the first mistake anyone will do. They think that the more they post, the more people will see their news and products.

It’s totally wrong.

Unless you’re a mass media magazine, you don’t need to post 3 times a day! 3 times a week is most of the time way enough.

Facebook uses an algorithm that mesures the engagement of your target with your posts.

The more you post to a not-so-engaged audience, the more the algorithm will punish you by showing your content to less people the next time.

Post useful and engaging content only, and start to do it a few times per week.

#3 Using a wrong tone

You’re on social medias. Means “social”. Please, forget about your corporate way of talking to your customers.

You’re here to give them some insights and make them feel close to you. And you can show it:

  • With the kind of content you share
  • With the tone you use

Usually, it’s recommended to use a more friendly way of talking to people than on your website.

#4 Not focusing on the quality of your content

People want to feel close to your brand on social medias, and as we saw before, you can make they feel comfortable with it by using the right tone and sharing insights.

But it doesn’t mean you have to lower the quality of what you share.

Keep focused on the quality of the writing, the pictures and the video you share with them.

Friendly doesn’t mean crappy quality!

#5 Ignoring the metrics

This is actually the main tool you have to use. Whether it’s on Facebook or on Instagram, you have access to really powerful tools to analyse how your audience is reacting to your content.

Those tools will show you:
– how much your visitors are engaged
– when are they connected, where they’re from
– how many people you reach with your content

You have to rely on the metrics to improve the way you’re using social medias, in order to offer the best content possible, at the best moment, to the right target.

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