photo model technique

Photo Model Technique

Model photo technique is a technique that all photographers should learn. Wherever we are, as a photographer, we are often required to produce a portrait photograph or portrait of a person. And also, shooting a beautiful model has now become a hobby, and even become a job for many of today’s photographers. Here are 5 tips that you can try to produce an impressive portrait:

photo models composition

Tip No. 1 – Composition

Surely you’ve heard the term “rule of thirds”, where you imagine your frame divided into three sections vertically and horizontally. Then the meeting point of the line is a place where you should put the “point of interest” of the photo. To shoot models, the eye of the model is often the focal point of the photo. Thus, by positioning the eyes of the model in the third line, or at the intersection of the line, then you will help to accentuate the model’s eyes, and catching the attention of people who enjoy your photos.


models photo pair with background

Tip no. 2 – Pair with a background (background)

This is what often separates an amateur photographer with a professional and experienced. A photographer must be sensitive to choose the background for a fashion shoot. Do not obsess to produce a blur to the background of your model, but look for color or element which can add to the aesthetics of your photo. The following photo example, using the harmonization of the shirt color models and also color pictures of flowers on the walls. And also, the connotation of a rose is suited to accompany a beautiful female model.


attractive blur


Tip no. 3 – An attractive blur

Contrary to tip number 2, the following tips encourage you to find a setting that does not interfere with the portrait of the model. Separate models a bit far with the existing background, and you open the lens diaphragm. This will produce a blur that is more “creamy” and soft, so that the models really separate from the background and the like arising from your photos.

I wanted to capture the light that hung in the branches of trees, in the cafe where they were taken. Flickering lights and glare of the leaves will produce a nice blur to be background.


white balance photo models

Tip no. 4 – Play white balance

In a photo shoot with this model, we chose the location in a cafe yellow lights, and part terrace illuminated by sunlight. With a blend of temperature light available, I want to make a photo more unique. I then put the model very close to the yellow light, and change the setting of the white balance into temperature “cloud” or cloudy. Thus, I will highlight the yellowish light of these, and other background are only exposed to sunlight would be “cold”. Mood of the following picture change right?


pose with hand

Tip no. 5 – Pose by hand

How sweet are portrays a smart models posing. The photographer only needs to be snapped while the model change poses, and ended up getting a lot of interesting photographs. However, not all models can pose well, and the task of a reliable photographer is to help the models to pose that adds to the beauty of him.

To explore techniques to adjust model pose, you would probably need more learning, but do the tips that I have given, and I believe your model photo will become more attractive. Some photographers do not take notice of the model’s hand when shooting close-ups. And with a little extra hand holding a model of his hair or touch her cheek a little can add more beauty in the photo.


experimenting with tone

Extra tip – experimenting with tone

The following tip is more applicable at the time of “post processing”, or when editing on a computer. There are 1001 tones can be achieved, with so many techniques and preset obtained from Photoshop and Lightroom. Experiment, and find the tone that is best for you. Tone or color of your photo can separate you from other photographers, and you can make your own hallmark. Thus the tips for this model photo shooting techniques. Hope it can help you in the process of shooting in the future.