What's up in Asia #6

Become a Content Leader from Inside Out

Being happy is what do all people want in the world. As entrepreneur, being happy is not about having a successful business in marketplace only, but also in the life. This week, we will talk about how to be pleased and satisfied human-being while you are also a leader in your company.


What's up in Asia #6This 5 Quotes Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Almost everyone likes to hear what do successful and famous people said from their experience. Here are some valuable quotes from the influential person of SpaceX, Virgin Group, Forbes, Apple and also the media giant Oprah Winfrey.
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What's up in Asia #65 Strategies to Stay Sane as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is often to be misjudged as a super human because of their multiple roles and millions of tasks. And many entrepreneurs forget that they’re just a normal human-being with the pressure surround them. Every year, one out of five people are diagnosed with mental disorder.
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What's up in Asia #610 Principles to Treat Your Employees Better

The wise, Stephen R. Covey, once said: “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” If his quote just makes you frown even a little, then congratulations! You just took the another step to lead a great team.
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What's up in Asia #67 Ways to Keep Your Customer Begging for More

We all know that it won’t be a successful business without customers. Many ways had been done to get customers as many as possible. But, after we got them, the next question is how to treat them well so that they will come and come again.
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