What's up in Asia #5

Making Life Easier

One of all of man’s efforts have been directed at how to make life easier. The technology intent has never changed too – make oneself more comfortable and reduce workload.


What's-up-in-asia-05-03Snapchat Will Let Mobile Users Make 3D Selfies

Snapchat has officially put the fun back in social networking. After its fun filters, hidden features and self-destructing photos/videos, currently Snapchat did a quiet acquisition of Seene (formerly known as Obvious Engineering).
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What's-up-in-asia-05-04Blippar’s App Can Tell You About Every Object Around You

We are naturally curious about our world. Blippar, the AR company, lets you fuel your curiosity with bring augmented reality to everyday objects. By just pointing the app at everyday objects, the app can identify and categorise it in the frame.
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What's-up-in-asia-05-01Facebook Tests Payments in Southeast Asia

Facebook is getting serious about its business page. As we know, this biggest network in the world is running a trial in Thailand which is being conducted using technology from fintech startup 2C2P (Cash & Credit Card Payment Processor).
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What's-up-in-asia-05-02 Singapore Wants to Make It Easier to Invest in Startups

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will simplify the check required on investors in a way to support start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). MAS just announced it wants to make access to securities-based crowdfunding easier.
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