What's up in Asia #4

Shape the Future

We don’t have to wait any longer to see the future. As you can see, the technology is moving faster and faster. This week, we talk about how it will change our life.


What's-up-in-asia-04-01Dverse Raised $1m to Bring VR “God Mode” to Architects

Dverse, Japanese VR software company, is developing a content creation software for architects and civil engineers. For this project, they just annouced roughly USD 1.04 million in funding today from 500 Startups Japan.
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What's-up-in-asia-04-02Projection of Global Biometrics Market by 2020

According to 6Wresearch report, biometrics technology, one of the key growing electronic security, will reach USD 21.9 billion by 2020 in the global markets. This report is covering technologies, regions, countries and applications of global biometric market along with the estimation and the forecast of the market.
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What's-up-in-asia-04-03Dubai Wants to Host Robot Olympic in 2017

After World Drone Prix, Dubai just revealed the plan to hold a futuristic olympic named “World Future Sports Games” as the first initiative of its kind in the world featuring innovation and futuristic technology based sports competitions.
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What's-up-in-asia-04-04Let’s Talk About the Song that Made by Google AI

Researchers have been trying to pass creativity to the robots. That’s is also the goal of Project Magenta by Google. This American multinational company aims to use machine learning to create music and art.
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