What's up in Asia #2

Google, Line, Uber and Znatta Have Their Own Updated News

While people are preparing for fasting month, Google just reveals that their online habits change. On the other side, you can Try high-end tech gadget before Buy one with Znatta. Curious?


What's up in Asia #2Google Reveals Ramadhan Search Insight

The behaviour of people who celebrate Ramadhan month not only affect on their daily activities. It is also affects their online habits. Google Indonesia just reveals the change of people’s search insight between 1 week before fasting months and 1 week after Lebaran.
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What's up in Asia #2Znatta Rents Gadgets in India

Znatta, an e-commerce company India, believe “Try, before Buy” method will be the bridge between the high-end electronics with the customer. With “Customer Experience” mind, they let customer rent the product which are included BB-8, drones and VR headsets.
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What's up in Asia #2UberPOOL is Ready to Face Jakarta’s Traffic

Uber just figured out another smart strategy named “uberPOOL” which enables people going to the same place at the same time in one car. It’s a suitable solution for a metropolitan city like Jakarta which is fighting a heavy traffic nowadays.
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What's up in Asia #2Line Launched Line Man

Line is starting to expand its services with introducing “Line Man”, a unique idea to grabbing users in order to facing their competitor. This program combines takeaway meals, deliveries and a courier – all done by the Line Man.
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