What's up in Asia #11

Biometric Technology in Everyday Life

Biometric technology is a system to identify someone or living things with the use of unique physiological or behavioral characteristic. This technology is made for increasing security and reducing risk. You may heard about fingerprint scanner and face recognition but biometric technology is more than that.


What's up in Asia #112018 iPhone Model Could be Equipped with Iris Scanner

In 2013, Samsung patented the iris scanner. And now, smartphone manufacturers including Apple are racing to add new iris-scanning technology to devices. Yes, in the near future, you just have to look at your phone to unlock it.
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What's up in Asia #11Facial Recognition Door Lock from Windows IoT

Security technology has been really moving forward lately for both home and commercial use. Tomorrow you would not see face recognition door lock just on the movies anymore. Microsoft researchers shows huge potential by building a prototype of a door security using the facial recognition.
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What's up in Asia #11Voice Recognition is Ditching Telephone Passwords

Barclays has announced that its telephone banking customers will be able to use voice security technology over passwords. This technology would help customers avoid the need to answer various questions to gain access to their bank accounts.
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What's up in Asia #11Touché will Let You Pay with Your Fingerprints

This startup wants to give you the opportunity of having the most pleasant shopping experience with cashless payment. Most of companies are trying to solve this matter by getting you to pay with your phone. And this company want people to make payment by just using fingerprints.
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