What's up in Asia #10

Wearable Tech to Watch

User experience (UX), not only web related but everyday objects too such as wearable technology and internet of things (IoT). Wearable technology is the new field which is introducing another set of UX concerns. Wearable technology concerns any electronic products that are designed to be worn on person.


What's-up-in-asia-10-02Google is Working on Headset that Mixes AR & VR

After scrapping plans to Facebook Inc.’s Oculus Rift Headset, Google is moving forward with the development of a standalone headset that does not require the use of a mobile phone or computer to function.
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What's up in asia 10-03These Acrylic Nails will Ease Your Subway Commute

These wearable nails could be the solution to your commuter woes. A fashion student from UAL’s Central Saint Martins has invented Oyster card nails that let you swipe in and out without the need to carry an oyster card.
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What's up in asia 10-04Take Pictures by Blinking with Blincam on Your Glasses

A Japan company has made hands-free photography simpler than ever. The company has developed a mini-camera mounted on glasses with sensor differentiate an usual blink and a purposeful one.
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What's up in asia 10-05Pokemon Wearable Already Sell Out

Pokémon Go has quickly become one of the most viral mobile applications of all time. Pokémon Go Plus, the wearable device of this wildly popular augmented reality GPS-based game, went on pre-order and it sold out very quickly.
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