What’s up Kesato — Le Petit Cartel

What’s up Kesato — Le Petit Cartel

We met with Adrian from Le Petit Cartel 2 years ago, at the really beginning of their adventure.

Back then, it was the beginning of the project, and everything sill needed to be built, from scratch.

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Le Petit Cartel is the alliance of a french designer and skilled balinese craftsmen. They mix original quality materials and exceptional knowledge to make exclusive handmade creations.

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Building the brand from square one

From the logo to the packaging, they needed us to handle the whole brand identity, including the website, product shooting, video making, etc.

Today, we keep working together with them to fulfill their recent increase in digital creation needs.
The case of Le Petit Cartel is really interesting as typically what we love doing at Kesato. From the idea and the first concepts of the customer, we worked side by side with them to build a brand that is now well renown in Bali and abroad.

Our collaboration with Le Petit Cartel was not only about the technical and the graphic needs, it was also a lot about advising them and helping them to make the right decisions business-wise .

The creation of the brand identity started with the logo and the packaging. We made it from their first idea of using a bull head, which was already used on their existing products.

.   .   .

Then we took care of the website, for which the challenge was to build an efficient and powerful platform adapted to their first needs, and yet keep in mind their desire to scale fast. That’s why we decided to build it using an eCommerce CMS named Magento.

Recently, we also handled the conception and the creation of a short serie of motion videos to promote a innovative concept they are launching (customization and delivery of handmade bags within a week).

We will keep working together with Le Petit Cartel and to help them growing through the next steps of their business.

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“We met Kesato Team 2 years ago. They did our website and our brand identity as we expected it. We keep working together with Kesato on many demands, such as video teaser, products shooting… Le Studio is also very professional and well accessorized! Hopefully we will keep going on this way again and again!”

Keep in mind that the simpler the user get the informations and the way to get through the payment, the faster you will get his money.

Build clear categories, clear products names and pictures, and a simple design to show those products to your customers.

Think about how you feel when you enter a messy market versus when you enter in an Apple Store. See?


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