Stop ruining your online strategy

Stop ruining your online strategy

The reason why most of the businesses waste 90% of their time when they go online


We live in a time where more and more businesses really understand the necessity for them to have a strong online strategy together with their offline activity.

It’s a good thing. Today, more companies are built directly online, and most of the offline ones (shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.) also choose the internet to extend their business.

In this kind of ecosystem, the question is not only how much it could bring to one’s business to go online, but mainly how much it could cost NOT to have a strong online strategy too.

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The great this is, it became way easier to build your own online strategy by yourself. Let’s make it clear, if you want a website, you can use wordpress, shopify or wix to build it by yourself in a few hours (almost always for free).

If you want to extend your activity on social medias, you just have to create an account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever.

Sounds easy, right? However, it’s exactly where most of the businesses waste 90% of their time and usually end up ruining their entire strategy.

Why? Let’s make it straight here: it’s not your job.

You are probably the best person possible to lead your own business, to make it work smoothly and grow bigger.

But when it comes to something as specific as the online strategy, chances are that, as many other business owners, you get things wrong.

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Yes, it’s fairly easy to access to all of the tools, and yes, most of them are free to use. However, don’t forget that everyone has a chance to use them too, including your competitors.

That’s the greatest thing with internet today. We all have the same access to the same tools, and mostly for free.

And the reason why someone will do better the others is often a matter of skills, and a good execution.

That’s why you will probably waste 90% of your time and ruin your whole online strategy if you decide to handle all of it by yourself.

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At Kesato, we are used to work with a various range of customers. Most of them are already educated about the good reasons why they should go online, and some of them already have a website or a social media strategy.

Building and executing online strategies for our clients is one of our greatest skill.

Our core mission is to listen to your needs and lead you in the right direction. We help you to make the best decisions to be as efficient as possible when you are ready to go online.


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