From Engine to User-Experience

From Engine to User-Experience

We are all familiar with with the terms Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, but prepare your self in the near future to hear a new terms for SEO as it evolve into a Search Experience Optimisation or SXO for short.

To understand how SEO will transform it self into SXO, first we need to understand how SEO works. Search engines such as Google, have put their best algorithm or search formula to predict the best results for our searches. These results are based from their search database from crawling millions of websites through out the world. These formula of algorithm works by matching the best related content or article against our search query among many other factors such us incoming traffic, outbound links, domain rank and many more. Here is a good article to show you what are the factors that ranked your website. So when your website met these requirements and have better values compare to other website pages, your page will appear on the search result.

But the search engines algorithm are still a set of formula bound to its own set of rules. It only works the way it is designed. Human with its basic nature to survive and evolve always find ways to work around these set of rules to place them self on top of everyone else. Back in the days, SEO practitioner create methods to take advantage of this stiff set of algorithm which classified as black hat SEO. We have seen many type of black hat SEO such as flooding a page with relevant keywords, generating automated traffic with tools, creating inbound links from unrelated websites and so on. These methods are illegal in SEO world and over time will decrease the value of your website as it tagged as spam website. Soon search engines makes updates to its algorithm to fight back these methods. It keep changing, adding and deleting factors that are counted to a search. It changes to a certain point where it removes keywords as the main factor on SEO, they even have ignored the meta keywords tag. Keywords has become irrelevant.

This may sound confusing. Keywords are no longer relevant? So how do i rank my websites without using keywords?

Don’t get me wrong, you can still use keywords, but not in the meta keyword tag and not excessively inside the content that is somewhat kind of abusive. Don’t put keywords because you want the search engines to acknowledge that your website have the best relevancy to that keywords. But do put keywords in your website proportionally and design it for the reader. Us, human. Who actually read it and are looking for the best answer related to our searches. Search engines have evolved a long way from a set of algorithm with a strict set of rules into a machine that take into account the human experience of finding the best answer on search engines.

Their formula of searches are now designed to be more and more to accommodate and resembling the human interaction. To think like a human. This is how SEO has started to evolve from Search Engine Optimisation into a Search Experience Optimisation.

Again, you might think, how should we now optimise our website for search engines? Is SEO have become totally irrelevant?

No, SEO are still very much relevant. It is just advancing it self into higher level. in some way it makes it easier and harder for us at the same time. It’s easier because it has gradually remove black hat SEO and other methods that are trying to beat organic SEO. It also give ways for people who create real contents for their readers to be found on search engines.

It is harder because there are new updates and requirements of SEO to be fulfilled. The algorithm are always progressing and adjusting.

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