5 Acts That Won't Improve Your Website

5 Acts That Won’t Improve Your Website

It is clear that everybody wants the best for their website. All efforts are done to make the website become number one. But unfortunately there are many people don’t understand the reason visitor leave their website. These are some acts that make people couldn’t stand any longer on your website.

1. Attempt to Please Everyone

Accept the fact that you cannot make a website which pleases 7.4 billion people. The biggest e-commerce company like Amazon.com, Inc. only receives about 712 million page views per day. Define who your target market is, then use that as the raw material and reason to do everything with your website.

2. Use An Eye-Tiring Typeface

When you write something in your website with hope that visitors will read it from beginning to the end, then you have to make them feel comfortable to read it. In a simple explanation, imagine if New York Times use the same typeface as the logo for all the content. My best advice: use serif or sans-serif font for the content of your website.

3. Didn’t Follow the Design Trend

In early 2000’s flash based website was popular. Everyone has their patience to wait the page to load with many flashy elements and animations. Now, everyone will definitely leave your website if it needed a long time to load. Keep your website design up-to-date doesn’t mean that you have to redesign it every month but beware with the change of your visitors’ behavior.

4. Too Much Focused on Yourself

If you’re using website as one of your marketing tools, then the first thing that customers should get when enter your website is the answer of this question, “What can you do to fulfill my needs?” For the illustration, when you’re in a restaurant the waiter will give you the menu that contains the products and give recommendation not give you the explanation about the restaurant and the reason why you have to eat at that restaurant. That’s what the restaurant can do to fulfill your hunger. Dell is a good example of how they use website as an essential tool in their marketing strategy.

5. Put Too Many Elements on Your Website

If you’re thinking to put all information on the home page, which customer will first see, with many pictures, videos, ads and words, please just throw away that idea. If you do that, it only will burden your website load time. Akamai’s study on 2009 stated 47% of customers expect a website to load in two seconds or less. Keep your website clean and only put the most important thing on your website.


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