5 Acts That Will Improve Your Website

5 Acts That Will Improve Your Website

Website has become a must when we want to build a business nowadays. But building a good website is not easy as it seems. Many people often do common mistakes when they define good website on their own. These are the tips that you should do to build a good website.

1. Explain the Company in A Short and Attractive Way

First impression does matter. When visitors enter to your website, they just have one thing in their mind, “What you do.”  It’s your job to define that in 5 seconds or less, because visitors won’t explore more if your company is not convincing enough to answer their need.

2. Keep “Call to Action” in Your Mind

You got your visitor, then what? Always find the way to keep the visitor attached to your website. Call to action can help visitor to quickly decide what they want to do next: “Get connected to our social media to receive special offers,” “Submit your e-mail to receive our newsletter.”

3. Get Socialized with Social Media

It is an undeniable fact that social media has become a part of the lifestyle. The statistic shows that 20.88% of the world’s population or equal to 1.545 billion people are the Facebook active users. Social media can make your visitor easily share your content. So, if you want to build a modern success business then you have to begin integrate social media.

4. Build A Responsive Web Design

Mobile device’s rise over the past view years. There will be in no time; mobile usage will surpass desktop usage. Then it is one of important thing to make your website responsive and mobile friendly.

5. Choose the Right Color

Understanding your target market through psychology of color does increase your website conversions. It is because color can communicate directly to the brain about the personality of your website. Your website personality should match the with your target market. For example, Kesato website is made with the combination between black, white and gold to shows that Kesato is elegant and sophisticated service that provides web design, graphic and social need for its elegant and sophisticated customer. So, what’s your website personality?